My Matchmaker’s ‘SELECTOR’ system – what’s all the fuss about?

For many of us, insurance is a necessary evil and the aim is to buy cover at the cheapest possible price. But health insurance, and particularly international health insurance, is a little different, because there aren’t many things more important than your health. This different priority means that, for most people, the focus is more on what’s actually covered within your health insurance policy rather than solely the price.

My Matchmaker’s ‘SELECTOR’ system was created precisely for those people looking to secure the right international health insurance policy for their needs. With the diversity of insurers and products on the market, this is no easy task. If you’re buying on-line, how do you know the contract you are purchasing is more comprehensive than the one from the next website along?

At My Matchmaker, we give you the ability to closely examine each element of cover and compare it with other plans. Unlike other comparison sites who act simply as ‘price aggregators’, the team at My Matchmaker analyse and rate each and every benefit manually before adding it to the system.

So, if you particularly want high-end cancer cover, you can choose the plan that provides this. If vision care is high on your agenda, no problem; choose the plan that offers this cover in abundance. And if you DON’T want a particular cover, such as maternity, you can exclude that too.

How does the SELECTOR system work?

The easiest way to find out is to try the system online but if you’d rather continue reading we’ve included some important screen grabs below that demonstrates how the system can help you.

After inputting some simple details about yourself and the cover you are broadly looking for, you’ll be presented with a screen that looks something like this:

My Matchmaker Online Tool

Just click the products you want to compare in more detail and press:

My Matchmaker Online Tool Button

Next you’ll see a screen with over 50 (below we’ve selected just a few) in and out-patient cover benefits, each with their own individual star rating giving an immediate visual display of the level of cover offered for each benefit:

My Matchmaker Online Tool 2

Roll-over each star rating and you’ll see the precise level of cover each policy offers. The example below shows the extent of cover each of the above three product provides for cancer care:

My Matchmaker Online Tool 3

My Matchmaker Online Tool 4

My Matchmaker Online Tool 5

This part of the system allows you to really understand what you are buying and how a policy can offer great cover for one area of treatment but a reduced level for another, or how two policies compare across a range of benefits.

Once you’ve chosen the policy that’s right for you, complete a few more details and request a quote.

Choosing an international private medical insurance plan that matches your particular requirements is challenging. It’s almost impossible to compare the precise cover offered by a wide range of plans without undertaking extensive and time-consuming research yourself. Until now, of course.

Use My Matchmaker’s SELECTOR tool and buy the cover you need from a range of the world’s top insurers quickly, easily and with the certainty you need to properly protect your health. 

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