Roger's Story

Roger Villiger
Age: 30
Status: Single
Nationality: Swiss
Country of residence: Singapore
Main occupation: Banking

Originally from Basel in Switzerland, Roger spent most of his twenties studying and working in Zurich, one of the world's largest financial centres. Roger's last two roles were based at the Zurich headquarters of large international banking organisations.

With his career progressing well, Roger's employer offered him a relocation opportunity in Singapore to head up their new international branch. Without much hesitation he accepted. Being single, with his close family members living all over of the world, Roger had no particular ties to Zurich. Roger visited Singapore once before on a business trip and had a colleague who had moved there a year ago, but otherwise knew little about his new home.

Immediately after arriving, Roger had a good feeling about his new life in Singapore. The locals were very welcoming, the streets were clean and tidy, the public transport system ultra-efficient. Although his rented accommodation was expensive, it was to a very high standard.

Because Roger had packed up and left Switzerland in a rush to set up his bank's new operation, he had received very little advice on his relocation and no chance to look into what services and insurances he would need. One thing he had been particularly concerned about was the healthcare system and facilities in Singapore for expats and locals. As branch manager, one of his first tasks was to secure international private medical insurance for himself and his new employees on behalf of his company.

Roger quickly discovered that Singapore has one of the highest standards of healthcare across Asia, which was reassuring. But as both he and most of his staff were living in a new country and travelling regularly on business, Roger wanted to make sure everyone was covered for routine or emergency medical care, and that any costs would be settled directly with the provider.

One of Roger's new employees had previously been living as an expat in Germany and had used My Matchmaker ( to find a suitable IPMI policy for himself and his wife. He remembered how helpful the Selector tool had been by taking away the hard work involved in finding cover to perfectly suit his needs. Getting a quote and setting up the policy had been easy too. Because each staff member and their dependants had different requirements and Roger needed to find a quick solution, he too found the Selector tool's ability to compare and cross-match over 100 different combinations of products invaluable.

Having secured the cover he needed, Roger can now relax knowing that no matter where his employees are, they will have access to first class healthcare facilities some of the world's best-known providers.