Choosing your cover

My Matchmaker has developed a unique online tool that allows customers to choose the insurance cover that is exactly right for their needs - based on over 15 years of in-depth IPMI market experience.

Our tool easily allows you to find the medical cover that perfectly suits the requirements of you and your family.

An easy process:

First - define your insurance needs,
Then – tell us who need to be insured,
Finally - select the quality of cover you are looking for.

My Matchmaker's 'Selector' online tool will analyse and compare thousands of product combinations and offer you a selection that exactly matches your criteria.

After you've been presented with our recommended product choices you will be asked to choose the products that you like. Your details will then be sent directly to the insurance company who will provide you with a quote. Once you're happy, you can buy the cover directly from the insurer.

The price you pay will be what you would have paid had you been able to access the same product online. My Matchmaker won't charge you a penny but we'll have saved your time and effort and helped you select the right cover for your needs.