The insurance cover

International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) is designed to protect the healthcare needs of expatriates and local nationals – wherever in the world they are living or working.

IPMI provides access to the right medical care as and when it's required. Expatriates often find themselves in unfamiliar situations or countries with poor quality local healthcare systems. Having the back-up of a comprehensive IPMI plan can not only be valuable, but literally life-saving.

International private medical insurance reimburses the plan holder for the cost of the medical treatment they receive whilst on cover. And, when hospitalisation is been necessary, any expenses incurred will usually be settled directly between the insurer and the medical facility.

Excellent benefits

IPMI cover offers many advantages to the plan holder, including:

  • High Cover Limits: The level of cover provided is extremely high. With most policies, your claim limits will be in excess of US$1.5m per annum
  • Modular Product Flexibility: Products are often modular in nature, allowing you to pick and choose exactly the cover you need such as hospitalisation, outpatient, dental and maternity
  • Extensive Medical Conditions Covered: The range of conditions covered is extensive and include most chronic conditions as well as some alternative therapies
  • Premium Stability: Your premium will be unaffected by the number and size of claims you make. Premium increases at renewal are based solely on factors such as age, medical inflation and changes of location.
  • High Service Standards: Service standards with most insurers are extremely high meaning you'll get fast access to the treatment you need and efficient reimbursement of any out-of-pocket expenses
  • Lifetime Contract: IPMI is a lifetime contract. Your insurance company cannot break your contract or charge you extra premium at renewal because of your claims experience. Your contract can only be cancelled due to insurance fraud, non-premium payment or a regulatory change
  • Fully Transportable: IPMI cover is fully transportable. If you decide to relocate from your current location, you can take your cover with you.