Alain's Story

Alain, Sylvie, Mathis and Alice Beguin
Age: 40, 38, 10, and 8
Status: Family of 4
Nationality: French
Country of residence: Hong Kong
Main occupation: Hospitality

Alain and his family, originally from Lille in Northern France, have been living in Hong Kong for 18 months. Just over two years ago the hotel that Alain worked for closed down. A friend who had been living in Asia for five years offered him the opportunity to become the General Manager of a new hotel he was opening in central Hong Kong. With a 20-year career in the French hospitality sector, and a family that were keen for a new experience, Alain accepted the post. Within six months, the Beguin family were living on the other side of the world!

Leaving their home, family and friends was hard, but Alain and his family settled into their new apartment, school and work life quickly. A strong expatriate community and a network of friends to provide plenty of advice helped the settling in process.

Having only ever travelled to neighbouring European countries for short trips, Alain and his wife had no idea what to expect from the Hong Kong healthcare system. Living in central Hong Kong, their main health concerns were the usual coughs and colds they and their children would pick up. Dental treatment was also important as well as access to healthcare when travelling.

A work colleague of Alain recommended using My Matchmaker ( to source an international private medical insurance plan.

Alain made contact and was intrigued with what he found. My Matchmaker's unique product 'Selector' system, compares and cross-matches individual modules from a number of top insurers' product plans, giving customers the precise cover they need. Alain was recommended a policy that suited his family's circumstances exactly and helped them avoid paying for 'hidden' cover they wouldn't need.

Luckily Alain and his family haven't had to claim on their insurance, but they do have peace of mind knowing that, if an accident or illness occurs, immediate access to some of the best healthcare and facilities available is only a phone call away.