Andrew's Story

Andrew Lovitt
Age: 45
Status: Single
Nationality: British
Country of residence: Portugal
Main occupation: Marine Biologist

As a senior marine biologist with a global company, Andrew has been based near the Atlantic sea off the coast of Portugal's capital Lisbon for five years. Andrew travels a lot for his job and has been a habitual expat for over 20 years.

Andrew's current role involves travelling both internationally and locally around Lisbon's coastal areas and places of unusual marine interest. This can mean living on a boat or ship for a few days, sometime weeks at a time when the weather conditions are bad, carrying out intricate experiments. Working as part of a team, Andrew enjoys nothing more than discovering a new form of marine life or the effect that a different weather pattern can have on the sea and coastal environment.

Unsurprisingly, most of Andrew's hobbies are water related too. During his free time, Andrew likes nothing more than to take out his windsurfer or small fishing boat. When not on the water Andrew makes the most of Portugal's fine restaurants and cafes, eating fresh sardines and salted cod as often as possible is part of Portuguese life which Andrew has also fully embraced.

Andrew and all of the senior staff at his company are frequent travellers. Their employer has chosen a comprehensive worldwide health insurance plan that will cover them during their working day, which is sometimes unpredictable and hazardous, and also when they are off work and on vacation.

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