Catriona's Story

Catriona Brown
Age: 27
Status: Single
Nationality: British
Country of residence: Switzerland
Main occupation: Country Logistics Manager

Catriona Brown was born in the UK but spent part of her childhood and teen years in Malaysia. At the age of 18 she moved back to London to attend university and when she finished her degree went to work with a Singaporean shipping company with offices across Europe, including London. Catriona already had a taste of living in two very different countries.

After three years in the London office Catriona was transferred to Zurich in Switzerland as she was promoted to country manager. In her new role, she was responsible for a small team across four of the company's offices, which meant that she travelled a lot between Singapore, Hamburg and London. Catriona enjoyed living in Zurich and working with colleagues that came from a variety of countries around the world.

Catriona's company set up a comprehensive worldwide health insurance plan that covers her in Zurich for all of her medical requirements from visits to doctors, to dental care and emergencies. It is compulsory to have medical insurance in Switzerland for all residents with contributions made by the employers. The healthcare service in Switzerland is excellent, but it can be expensive, so Catriona was pleased to be covered should anything happen.

As her responsibilities covered Western Europe, Catriona often travelled around the region and especially to Hamburg in Germany, famous for its shipping heritage and port. On occasion Catriona might stay for weeks at a time for training sessions coupled with team meetings, so her employer has also arranged an international medical policy that will cover her medical needs whilst in other countries.

Catriona's employer uses My Matchmaker's Selector Tool to find health insurance providers that can cover Catriona at multiple destinations. With over 500 employees around the world in five locations the company has a mixture of nationals and expats working in their offices. They provide international medical insurance for more than half of their employees, a massive task to ensure they have the right insurance for individual employee's different requirements. My Matchmaker helps the employer search for and select the appropriate cover for each employee, a huge task made easier using the Selector Tool. The employees are happy too that their cover is in place should they need it.

Catriona will soon be transferring to the company's offices in Singapore to take up a new role and her employer's international cover will provider cover for her there too.