David's Story

David Chancy
Age: 28
Status: Single
Nationality: French
Country of residence: Kazakhstan
Main occupation: Mining & Exploration

Born in Toulouse, David spent most of his childhood travelling the world with his expatriate parent doctors who worked for the French founded Médecins Sans Frontières. It is this nomadic lifestyle that David thinks gave him his constant longing for new adventures and destinations. After completing his engineering degree in Paris, and following a couple of years travelling, David took up a position at a remote mining field outside Johannesburg. After six months he moved to a US company in oil and mineral rich Kazakhstan, where he is currently working as the lead mining expert at a uranium sourcing plant.

As the son of two highly trained and respected doctors, David has been surrounded by medical professionals, healthcare facilities and patients all of his life. He understands first-hand how vital it is to have access to the best healthcare and medical assistance at all times.

Living and working in two remote and potentially dangerous locations, arranging the right international medical cover for his particular needs was a top priority. A few weeks before his flight he started to look for suitable health cover but was overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices and varying levels of cover and add-ons available.

Eventually David found My Matchmaker ( after performing an online search. The 'Selector' tool on My Matchmaker's website compared over 100 product modules so David found exactly the right insurance policy he needed. His cover would protect him for anything from having a tooth extracted, through to being flown to the nearest centre of medical excellence for something more serious.

At first, David was apprehensive about living and working in a remote region for a long period, with only basic medical help available. With the right health insurance in place, David now feels reassured that if a medical problem arises, he will be taken care of.